Gowtham Concept School is different not because of its aesthetic and palatial buildings or facilities alone, but because the teachers are highly trained for the purpose and highly experienced. Their examination system, paper setting, evaluation, analysis of marks, remedial work for the students who secure less marks is exemplary. Meticulous academic planning and personal execution is the secret of Gowtham's Success. Tests and examinations play an important role in moulding the student towards excellent feed back. The main philosophy of a test is to sieve the known subject concepts from other concepts, which are either not properly understood or not properly memorized. Remedial classes are conducted to the student perfect in the concepts so far not understood that were identified by the examination. At Gowtham concept school we use very specialized methods like designer question papers (A question paper set for individuals)for rankers. A continuous individual track record of concepts, which were not properly understood, is maintained and a question paper is set incorporating all those concepts in which that particular student is weak.
That way we can make each ranker perfect in all the important concepts. Students are encouraged to have a healthy competitive spirit and vie with each other for the first place. A special programme is prepared for slow learners and remedial classes are conducted to help them cope up with the courses taught in the main stream.
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